MaxQda Workshops

Basic workshop

The MaxQda introductory workshop is a one-day workshop, and can be one-to-one or group. It is divided into three sessions:

  • Discovering MaxQda: the interface, creating a project, importing, then exploring documents (annotating, searching…)
  • Coding: coding your documents, analyzing the coded extracts
  • To take it further: mixed methods, introduction to advanced analysis options, introduction to visualization tools, some additional tools and functions.

Maxqda training workshop

Advanced workshop

It is possible to add a half-day (or full day) of further training, to explore the most useful functionalities for your research project, to work on project planning and design, and on integration of other methods and tools.

Consulting and research activities

Beyond the training workshops, consultation and tutoring sessions are also possible, either to plan a research project and its method together, or for your future projects.

I also offer my services as an independent researcher, in case you would like me to be involved in the long-term realization and implementation of a project.

Online training and in-person workshops

Many options are possible for online training: you can contact me to discuss which options are the most relevant for your group and your project.

In person workshops are mainly held in Quebec and New Brunswick, but can also be held elsewhere in Eastern Canada, the Northeastern United States, and Europe (to be discussed).