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Currently a PhD student in regional and territorial development at UQAR, my research interests focus on the governance of primary resources in Quebec and Atlantic Canada, as well as the trajectories and dynamics of peripheral territories (resource regions and towns).

Besides my own thesis project, I have been involved in various research projects in the last few years:

– literature reviews on various subjects, such as the renewal of Atlantic Canada’s economies and associated land conflicts, or a critical review on environmental assessment,

– a bibliometric analysis, involving the analysis of the scientific production of the Centre de Recherche sur le Développement Territorial (CRDT),

– content and lexical analyses, both for the above project, for the analysis of public hearing reports from the BAPE (Bureau d’Audiences Publiques sur l’Environnement, Québec), and for press analysis (forthcoming),

– various news and media reviews.

Most publications are available for download on ResearchGate.