Consulting and tutoring

What kind of services are offered?

I also offer consulting and tutoring services for :

  • planning, designing and conducting research projects,
  • integration of methods in qualitative and mixed methods data analysis projects,
  • team training..
    I also work as a research professional, in case you would like me to be involved in the realization and/or implementation of the project.

I also work as an independent researcher, in case you would like me to be involved in the realization and/or implementation of the project.

For which groups?

These services are aimed at the corporate sector, governmental organisations, associations and NGOs, and the academic public.

Feel free to contact me to discuss it.

References available upon request. 


"Terre des hommes is a Swiss humanitarian organisation working in 34 countries to promote children's rights. We adopted MAXQDA to help improve the quality and efficiency of our studies and evaluations in the field.  Amélie supported us in the training of our multinational staff and perfectly adapted her teaching to our needs and constraints.  We don't operate in an academic setting, but in a very specific operational one, and Amélie demonstrated great flexibility and an ability to understand the constraints typical of the humanitarian world, taking into account our institutional framework, our procedures and our working methods, understanding our questions and helping us to produce high-quality work within the limits inherent to our context.  She provided us with invaluable advice, and with relevant and considerate technical support, which enabled us to initiate the deployment of MAXQDA at organisational level.  We really appreciated the pedagogical quality of her content, and thanks to Amélie we gained the confidence and motivation we needed to initiate the deployment of a tool at global level."  [Review of consultation sessions and customised training]

Sophie MARESCHAL – Monitoring & Evaluation Advisor, Terre des hommes
From Lausanne, Switzerland
"If Amélie has one quality, it is her ability to listen to everyone's needs. So well that when you are part of a group of student researchers with individual needs, she has that comforting adaptability that frees up speech and invites timely accuracy. People who really know how to listen are so rare ... For example, when it comes to the use of the MAXQDA tool (of which she has a very operational knowledge), there is not a single piece of advice that is the same as another, for she takes into consideration the methodological design of each participant. You can thus take full advantage of the precise answers given to your own needs as well as those of others. And finally, Amélie knows how to be available with a great reactivity. And for a PhD student who is always in a hurry, this is a real godsend!" [Review of an online group training and of individual tutoring sessions]

Thierry CURIALE, from France
"I am a working adult and writing my PhD thesis simultaneously. I therefore have very limited time in my daily life to dedicate to my research. Amélie Dumarcher made it possible for me to gain time and grasp the many useful features in MAXQDA through her very comprehensive course titled The Complete MAXQDA 2022 Course. The course is not only affordable, but it is very hands on enabling the learner to practice during the course. Amélie has also offered me email tutoring about MAXQDA. She addressed my specific needs clearly with screenshots helping me gain more understanding on how to use MAXQDA. I would strongly recommend her to anyone struggling with MAXQDA. Most especially, researchers who are juggling between work, family and research would find her customized tutoring style very useful." [Review of the online course, English version, and email tutoring sessions] 

Sam, from Tokyo, Japan