Complete Maxqda online course

I also offer a complete online training on the Standard version of Maxqda, both in English and in French.

It’s on-demand training : accessible online at any time, everyone can follow it at their own pace and time, from anywhere, simply from a computer or tablet connected to the Internet.

The course consists of nine modules, with about thirty video clips (focusing on the practical use of the software and its features), as well as about thirty text lessons (combining explanations and illustrations of functions, checklists and reviews, advice …).

At the end of the course, you will be able to work on your own to: 

  • create a project from A to Z, 
  • build a code list and code your documents, 
  • explore your corpus with various tools and visualizations options,
  • conduct analyses on your data – from the simplest to the most sophisticated, 
  • produce visualizations and reports to present your results.

Who is the course for?

This training is intended for all those with an interest in qualitative analysis and mixed methods, regardless of their field of activity and level of prior knowledge :

  • students and researchers (all fields and disciplines),
  • non-governmental and non-profit organization,
  • public and parapublic organizations,
  • private companies,
  • etc.

The syllabus is described here.

In addition to online training, I also provide workshops, one-to-one and for groups.

Feel free to contact me for any inquiry about training options in English.


"I am a working adult and writing my PhD thesis simultaneously. I therefore have very limited time in my daily life to dedicate to my research. Amélie Dumarcher made it possible for me to gain time and grasp the many useful features in MAXQDA through her very comprehensive course titled The Complete MAXQDA 2022 Course. The course is not only affordable, but it is very hands on enabling the learner to practice during the course. Amélie has also offered me email tutoring about MAXQDA. She addressed my specific needs clearly with screenshots helping me gain more understanding on how to use MAXQDA. I would strongly recommend her to anyone struggling with MAXQDA. Most especially, researchers who are juggling between work, family and research would find her customized tutoring style very useful." [Review of the online course, English version, and email tutoring sessions] 

Sam, from Tokyo, Japan
"Amélie offers a complete and progressive training in the use of MAXQDA. Thanks to her training, I was able to gain confidence in my use and anticipate how I would use this very powerful tool through my project. Her course is well constructed and the tutorials very helpful. The added benefit is that you pay ONCE and can come back as often as you like, even months later. It is therefore very useful to refresh your memory at the time of application. Amélie is very pedagogue and available, she is always ready to give advice to the learners. So it's not only a oneshot training that I bought, but a corpus of tutorials, courses and advice. It fits perfectly! MAXQDA becomes even easier with Amélie Dumarcher's training ;) " [Review of the online course, French version]

Julien BOUIX, from Quebec, Canada
"Amélie's course is comprehensive and accessible even if you have never used MAXQDA before. We can also follow our progress through the self-evaluations and be independent at the end of the training. Her professionalism and availability are assets that served me well throughout the training. I highly recommend her course!" [Review of the online course, French version]

Koukiyoani KOUTIANGBA, from France
"I am very satisfied with the MAXQDA training offered by Ms. Dumarcher. This training is clear, well designed and it's easy to go back to some functionalities and lessons, thanks to the training plan, when we work with the software and are in the middle of an analysis. The variety of training tools (video, pdf, web page) is also very effective. I would recommend this training to my colleagues!" [Review of the online course, French version] 

Marie-Pierre LABRIE, from France
"The course offered by Amélie allows a rapid and efficient understanding of Maxqda. Although the software is intuitive, the training provides you with knowledge of specific tools that add real value to the analysis of data and the presentation of results. Following the training allows you to optimise the use of Maxqda and its potential. Available and easily contacted, Amélie answers questions quickly and with great attention." [Review of the online course, French version]

Romy VAN NOPPEN, from Belgium
"I enrolled in the full programme and I am very satisfied with the MAXQDA qualitative analysis software training. The training plan is complete, the lessons are clear, very well structured and easy to understand.
After having followed this training, I am able to use MAXQDA to analyze research results in the field of health and higher education. I highly recommend Ms. Dumarcher as a French speaking instructor of this software."  [Review of the online course, French version]

Dora RODRIGUEZ, from France
"The MAXQDA training offered by Ms Dumarcher is very comprehensive and well structured. The video clips give a good overview of the many tools available in the software and are supported by valuable advice. Other materials (summaries, PDF files) help to reinforce understanding and occasional quizzes ensure that the essential elements have been retained. Moreover, it is possible to return to any part of the course at any time even after completing the course. I highly recommend this course, whether you are a novice user or already somewhat familiar with the program. [Review of the online course, French version]

Stellio GIACOMINI, from Switzerland